Men At WorkBat-Yam Biennale of Landscape UrbanismIsrael 2010

During the summer of 2010, an invitation by the Bat Yam International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism gave birth to Men at Work, a public art project located in Bat Yam, Israel. This site-specific installation, composed of over fifty-five life-size renderings of the ‘working men’ figures from cities around the world, was further inspired by the Biennale’s theme logo, which ultimately found its way into the collage.

The Men At Work Project is a continuation to Walking Men 99™ in its attempt to depict international ‘working men’ figures from street signs in cities around the world, and offers a new look into their cultural presence. Such signs are typically used to warn against, or prevent entrance to renovated environments, a reminder to a never-ending process of urban renewal.

In the spirit of Walking Men Worldwide™, this project was conceived as a collaborative effort of photographers across the globe, utilizing this interactive platform, which was created to further expand the project. These straightforward ‘working men’ pictograms with their bold lines, clean edges, and bright surfaces, came to life in humane scale, and brought a positive international spirit to the streets of Bat Yam.