Walking Men Taipei is new site-specific public art installation under the umbrella of Walking Men Worldwide™, which opened in Taipei’s Xinyi District in March 2018, and was on display for one year.


This work has been realized in collaboration with the Fubon Art Foundation in conjunction with the Very Fun Park 2018 Festival. It joined together over 140 iconic pedestrian traffic light symbols from cities around the world, and wrapped around a 400 meter-long parameter wall, making it the largest Walking Men Worldwide installation to date. The work surrounded the construction site of the upcoming Fubon Xinyi A25 Tower which will house the future Fubon Contemporary Art Museum, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.


As part of this collaboration and with the unique opportunity of creating site-specific work in the tradition of Taipei’s public environment, 28 ‘walk’ icons have been re-imagined as green wall plants designs!