The Walking Men Worldwide™ Project was presented as part of the exhibition Anonymous at the Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, in Russia. The exhibition was curated by Marat Guelman, and will be on display November 23 – December 23, 2012. Anonymous features 9 Walking Men icons reproduced in humane scale (49.2 X 9.1 feet wide, 15 X 2.8 meters), and includes over 100 works by 34 artists, such as Kazimir Malevich, René Magritte, Braco Dimitrijević, and Michal Rovner, among others.

From the Press Release: “The exhibition is neither a manifest nor an appeal. It is a reflection on the motives and semantics of anonymity in contemporary art. In the exhibition one will be able to get acquainted with different aspects of it: from anti-market strategies of self-positioning by contemporary artists, to prohibition of face and anonymity, as technology of protection from the power’s reaction; from searches of designers, relying on Malevich’s heritage to stylized generalized portraits, which stopped fulfilling the portrait’s function…” (continue reading)