Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM
Russia 2012

The Walking Men Worldwide™ Project was presented as part of the exhibition Anonymous at the Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, in Russia. The exhibition was curated by Marat Guelman, and will be on display November 23 – December 23, 2012. Anonymous features 9 Walking Men icons reproduced in humane scale (49.2 X 9.1 feet wide, 15 X 2.8 meters), and includes over 100 works by 34 artists, such as Kazimir Malevich, René Magritte, Braco Dimitrijević, and Michal Rovner, among others.

From the Press Release: “The exhibition is neither a manifest nor an appeal. It is a reflection on the motives and semantics of anonymity in contemporary art. In the exhibition one will be able to get acquainted with different aspects of it: from anti-market strategies of self-positioning by contemporary artists, to prohibition of face and anonymity, as technology of protection from the power’s reaction; from searches of designers, relying on Malevich’s heritage to stylized generalized portraits, which stopped fulfilling the portrait’s function…” (continue reading)

Walking Men Taipei


Walking Men Taipei is new site-specific public art installation under the umbrella of Walking Men Worldwide™, which opened in Taipei's Xinyi District in March 2018, and was on display for one year.


This work has been realized in collaboration with the Fubon Art Foundation in conjunction with the Very Fun Park 2018 Festival. It joined together over 140 iconic pedestrian traffic light symbols from cities around the world, and wrapped around a 400 meter-long parameter wall, making it the largest Walking Men Worldwide installation to date. The work surrounded the construction site of the upcoming Fubon Xinyi A25 Tower which will house the future Fubon Contemporary Art Museum, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.


As part of this collaboration and with the unique opportunity of creating site-specific work in the tradition of Taipei's public environment, 28 'walk' icons have been re-imagined as green wall plants designs!

Walking Men Buenos Aires

[evidence]Walking Men worldwide™ is proud to announce the opening of Walking Men Buenos Aires! The project will be on display for one month, starting on October 9th, 2015.

The installation spans across Buenos Aires' downtown area in multiple interventions featuring a combination of humane scale icons and street-light banners that celebrate walkability in the city.

The centerpiece of this city-wide project can be seen at Banco Ciudad building on Florida, corner of Sarmiento streets. The exhibition continues on two pedestrian streets around Buenos Aires' Microcenter on Mitre and San Martín streets, culminating in the banners on Diagonal Norte - Roque Saenz Peña Avenue, all the way to the city's iconic Obilisco.

This is the 7th major installation of Walking Men worldwide™, hosted by the City Government of Buenos Aires, in collaboration with the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Israel in Buenos Aires, in the spirit of the Energia Creativa Program.


About Walking Men worldwide™


Walking Men worldwide™ is a series of public art installations, a photographic collage of pedestrian traffic icons assembled from around the world, presented in humane scale. The project was conceived as a collaborative effort of international photographers, each adding a piece to the collage.


In January 2010, the project made its debut on 99 Church Street, Manhattan in Walking Men 99™, which was installed in two editions over the next four years. The installation, commissioned by the Alliance for Downtown NY, was followed by a series of projects including Walking Men PERMM (2010), a public art installation in collaboration with the PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art in Russia, and Walking Men Worldwide™ - The Banner Gallery as part of the Art & About Sydney Festival (2013), which was followed by a second installation in conjunction with Walk 21 Sydney, Australia (2014). Walking Men BA was hosted by the City of Buenos Aires, in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel in Argentina (2015), and most recently, Walking Men Taipei (2018-2019) was part of the Very Fun Park Festival by the Fubon Art Foundation in Taiwan.


Additional public art installations under the umbrella of Walking Men Worldwide™ include Men At Work (2010), which was on display at the Bat-Yam International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism in Israel, followed by Men At Work NYC, which was unveiled around the site of World Trade Center Tower 4 (September 2011-2012).[/evidence]